Case Study

Order Tracking

Central Kitchen Ordering

This case study is from our F&B client who operates many outlets across Singapore. With a slight modification in their work processes, we have helped the client to increase their productivity many folds and at the same time provides insight into their business which they never had before.

Old Ordering Process

On a daily basis, the Operation Department has to collate all the ingredients required by all the outlets before a certain cut-off time. This process is very tedious and error prone. On average, the Operation Department has to spend 3 hrs to complete the orders taking.

Enhanced Process

Instead of the Operation Department taking the orders, we have reversed the role and asked the Outlet Managers to place the orders. Each outlet is given a tablet with all the ingredients that can be ordered.

Everyday, during the non-peak period, the Outlet Manager will key in the quantity of the ingredients to be delivered the following day before the cut-off time.

After the cut-off time, the Operation Department only need to click on a button and the orders are automatically collated on a new Google Sheet.


The approach we have taken for this implementation is Simplicity. There is no mobile apps to develop and maintain, no server infrastructure to maintain and minimum training. Google Sheet is available in all mobile devices (Android and iOS). Our client has achieved multi-folds increased in productivity. The order taking process has reduced from 3 hrs to just under 30 seconds. With the additional time gained, the Operation Department can use the time to focus on improving other parts of the company efficiency.

Business Analytics

The benefits do not end here. The daily order sheets are further consolidated to monthly sheet for the management to see the overall ingredients usage.

Real-time Dashboard and Charts are also presented to allow management to make timely and strategic decisions.

For this case study, our client has achieved the following:

  • Increase in productivity and reduction in manpower.

  • Increase in accuracy of their order tracking processes.

  • Does not require complex IT infrastructure to setup and maintain.

  • A real-time dashboard that provides a bird-eye view of the inventory at all the outlets.

  • The capability to make timely and strategic decisions.

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